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TSB Bank plc is a retail and commercial bank in the United Kingdom and a subsidiary of Sabadell Group. TSB Bank operates a network of 536 branches across England, Scotland and Wales but has not had a presence in Northern Ireland since 1991. TSB in its present form launched on 9 September 2013. Its headquarters are located in Edinburgh and it has more than 5.2 million customers with over £20 billion of loans and customer deposits. The bank was formed from the existing business of Lloyds TSB Scotland plc, into which a number of Lloyds TSB branches in England and Wales and all branches of Cheltenham & Gloucester were transferred, and renamed TSB Bank plc.


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Former Employee - Relationship Manager says

"- Senior management are a big problem. They have chosen favourites and rules you need to abide by in order to have any chance of progressing in role. Anything said as feedback or in general to them is often manipulated and turned into something it is not to deflect from real issues. Feedback is not taken on board despite senior management constantly asking for how they can change things to improve employee satisfaction. - IT systems. These have improved since the initial shambolic migration however they limit what the bank are able to do process wise and can be a hindrance. - Pay is lower compared to competitors and you are expected to go above and beyond your role with no incentive. - Branch network structure constantly changing impacting roles with no real support."

Former Employee - Local Banker says

"pressure from management to sell sell sell"

Former Employee - Customer Service Specialist says

"Very poor management, lots of bullying, issues never dealt with. Openly discussed staff issues. No respect for staff. All about targets not people."

Current Employee - Local Banker says

"senior management who put theoretical strategys and procedures into practice without a clue of customer or staff reality.very bad pay"

Former Employee - Business Banking says

"This place is a joke. Management is clueless, direct manager had a very aggressive approach and has no management skills. TSB bully staff until they leave! And then say we want you to be happy.!!! The company claims it doesnt work on targets yet it's all about the numbers."

Former Employee - Strategy says

"The only way to thrive in TSB is through indulging in politics and gossiping. This place cant spot, retain and grow meritocratic people Bulliying culture is very prevalant. Its very non meritocratic in nature. Despite a IT mishap, the bank has not pulled up its socks yet. All it does is never ending blame game playing. TSB does not value talent and skill. It has no system and processes in place across most function"

Former Employee - Mortgage Underwriter says

"Very little consistency or guidance, too many opinions and too many things up for debate. Seem desperate to get staff on to performance related plans as opposed to supporting them. Bonus not paid to staff for performance during migration despite staff doing everything they could to uphold the reputation of the bank."

Current Employee - Head of C&R says

"worsening culture Leadership are not transparent"

Former Employee - Customer Service says

"Managers lie to protect other managers they only look out for themselves. An awful company to work for, after making an official complaint about a sexual remark made by my manager, being a part time member of new staff I shouldn’t realised the TRUTH would have been covered up to protect and keep my manager in his current position. That just gave him the message to continue acting like a complete “Maverick” as he knows he can continue to get away with anything! And surprise surprise 6 months after resigning from the company my ex manager sends me texts late on a Saturday night from 10pm-1am in the morning, then tries to call me a few days later! All to my personal mobile number, so much for data protection for an ex employee. I contacted the company to advise as I have evidence of this and I’ve just been completely ignored. Maybe I shouldn’t gone to the police to make a complaint. Had I have not been suffering with stress and panic attacks I would’ve taken TSB to court for their conduct but quite frankly I value my health more after being off ill and suffering from a family bereavement. Avoid working for this company at all costs, well not unless you’re seeking a management position of course!"

Former Employee - Manager says

"IT systems still awful but so much wrong with culture and aggressive management style is unnecessary. Difficult to air any grievances resulting in a bullying epidemic"

General Banking Complaint Handler (Former Employee) says

"Was bullied and was pushed out. Did not treat people equal. Only good thing was free parking. Changed goal post every week. Management was biased and"

Customer Service Advisor (Former Employee) says

"Forced to work in close confinement during lockdown, for training. Trained for fraud, inadequately and without any background checks, and then sacked for making mistakes. Can't get logged onto system on a weekend? Told to go home and work back the hours another day! Unbelievable that a bank can get away with this behaviour.Nice buildingDisgraceful management"

Fraud Operations & Customer Advisor (Former Employee) says

"TSB it’s self is probably a great place to work if you work directly for them rather than the agency, temp staff are treat like animals and are thrown all over the office, I started my temp role as regular customer service Which took over 3 months to train for then within 3 weeks we where all thrown onto the fraud department with little to no training, a lot of mistakes where being made on calls which ended in majority of my teams contacts terminated all for the same reason, which surely shows a gap or insufficient training rather than the knowledge of our selfs, the agency you work for don’t have a clue, couldn’t run a race never mind a business and are very incompetent, the staff at TSB are like a bunch of school kids talking about other staff members behind their back, very nerve racking to imagine what they could be saying about you when your not there Going home at the end of your shiftThe whole shift"

Local Banker (Current Employee) says

"Avoid at all costs . I cannot tell what TSB has done to my mental health. It has broke me down as a person from a bubbly person to a flat person who now has no ambition. The managers are judgemental stuck up people and don’t care about you, only care about figures . No targets are disguised by ‘expectations’ and they are really targets. You will need to be able to take a lot on And get nothing back."

Retired Senior Bank Manager/ Cluster Manager (Former Employee) says

"Their so called improved spanish computer programme is an Absolute joke and suits the company which is also a joke, check out its service scores they are the poorest across all Banks stay well clear."

Analyst (Current Employee) says

"Low salary, stressful place and some days really long days. I do not regret going there but definitely not the best bank to work as technology is quite old"

N/A (Current Employee) says

"TSB are a good employer however I would say there is a lot of room for improvement. The company is slowly moving off the Lloyds platform and migrating onto Sabadell's (Spanish bank) and have a lot of ridiculous systems and processes in place that they need to change, so hopefully this happens then! There is a lot of politics within the bank and it's not so much what you know, more who you know! They are a bank who want to pride themselves on being a challenger bank in the UK but realistically they still have the same sell, sell, sell attitude but just rename it. As a challenger bank they are so far behind in technology and making things simple for staff and customers, I don't even bank with them because I know how they operate and that says a lot! Training is very much throwing you in at the deep end so don't expect much. The staff make TSB and I truly feel people are interested to helping customers it's just a shame they are not properly supported i.e. resourcing, training etc. If your considering a career with TSB I would recommend to look elsewhere. I am sure you will find something betterPeoplePoor management/direction, low pay"

Assistant manager for the Governance & Reporting team (Current Employee) says

"some management do not engage with lower paid colleagues, often feel as if there is a class difference with recognition not being spread evenly. Some good points though"

I currently work as a Fraud Administrator (Current Employee) says

"Managers don't help and the stress from the job is high compared to the small wage, shift rota means you can't make plans and constantly upscale you onto everything with no extra wage increase, manager's expect to much out of the staffWorking for bank looks good on cvShift rota, wages below other banks, stressful working environment"

Data Warehouse Developer (Former Employee) says

"How would you like to work in an office where you are not valued as an employee, deadlines are unrealistic and mistakes you make are hilighted to everyone in your department? Add to that a shabby building with faulty toilets, a poor canteen and limited parking and you could be forgiven for running a mile from this awful workplace where management protects its chaotic incompetence through cliques and by firing those who actually know what they're doing."

Local Banker (Current Employee) says

"Don't consider whats best for the staff, poor pay, good pension and other benefits. Typically serve customers, deal with admin, opening accounts, load complaintspensionmanagement"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Was long hours with barely any staff benefits. The team was great however a lot of blame got passed around. I was made many false promises of advancement after smashing sales targets."

Procurement Manager (Former Employee) says

"Frequent management changes, structural and strategic changes with management infighting and lack of ownership at highest levels. Minimal communication and tolerance of bullying.City centre locationA business that is lost and confused"

Bank Officer (Former Employee) says

"At the time I worked there we were understaffed and not listened to, I`ve heard it has got better. I would not choose this company to work for again and actually regret working there."

Bank Teller (Former Employee) says

"I am very limited to what I can say as the privacy act because I have worked in the past for the Bank. What I can say is that I enjoyed the people I worked with and the customers I served some were very dear to me. Working for the Bank I have learnt that each person that walks through the doors has some need which we show compassion empathy laughter privacy.Meeting all kinds of peopleSales"

Mortgage Processor (Former Employee) says

"Began working here after waiting a month for my background check to be returned. The pay is not great for the work expected as other banks pay much more for the same job. Frequent IT failures meant some days unable to work but required to stay in office with no work to do as all paperless office. The polcies etc change so quickly it's hard to keep up and the management communications is quite poor on this subject. The people are great and friendly the only thing I would say is a perk of the job is the friends I made there. Other coworkers would also show their frustrations with the pay etc quite early on when I started. My training lasted for 3 weeks but I was trained incorrectly and spent the remaining time there trying to catch up with all the changes and correct proceedure, this meant that I was workign incorrectly and took a long time for me to correct this which gave pressure when it came to my sign off as you have to pass periods with no mistakes made to gain a small pay rise.great coworkers and good environmentlong training, low pay"

Local Community Banker (Former Employee) says

"The teams are amazing and super friendly. the management however over-promise and do not have enough time for the individual's progress within the company, you almost feel invisible until you do something wrong."

Business Analyst (Former Employee) says

"1. Good Project 2. Good project team 3. Good project team 4. Good project team 5. Good project team 6. Good project team 7. Good project team 8. Good project team"

LOCAL BANKER (Current Employee) says

"Organisation is poor, management at a higher level is iffy! But most branch managers are okay, and the staff are good, dedicated and care deeply. I do enjoy the job for the most part, customers are generally okay, and I like helping people out. But there is a pretty set career path which ends up in management, so not for me."

Telephone Banking Advisor (Former Employee) says

"can be a stressful job however I can see the same when dealing with any bank related roles. I realised the job was not for me after 3 months as was left stressed. Management, colleges everyone there are really friendly and helpful however banking was not for me.good money, 1 hour dinner breaks, friendly staff and managementstressful role"